Website Support

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing product and every website large or small should have it as standard. It's FREE and it's very easy to install and then once you spend some time using it and sorting through the masses of data and insight it offers, you will quickly find your go-to stats; for most people most websites this key data will include:

// Number of website visitors (time period vs. time period)

// Bounce rate by page

// Pages visited i.e. what content is popular?

// Where people are coming from i.e. Google, Facebook, other websites etc

// What keywords are people searching for when they come across and click through to the website?

// What devices are website visitors using i.e. desktop/tablet/mobile

// Number of forms submitted/bookings made

// Number of phone calls from the website

How can I help with Google Analytics?

I can instantly check whether your website already has Google Analytics installed (whether you know it does or not) and if so I can help you access your account and start to understand what it's showing you. If you don't have Google Analytics installed then I can quickly and easily set it up for you and provide training to help you know what to look for.

Goal tracking - I can help you decide what goals you would like to report through Google Analytics and how to set them up and report on them. It could be as simple as tracking the number of phone calls from the website, the number of enquiry form submissions, number of order, bookings etc.


I charge a fixed fee of £45 per hour for general review, installation etc.

Bespoke training for individuals or groups can be arranged and quoted as required.