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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO, three letters shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. One thing everyone seems to know is that it's about keywords; or is it??

So just what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is simply the art/science of optimising various elements of a website to give search engines (mainly Google let's be honest) the best possible chance of showing your website in the search results for any given set of keywords or phrases (collectively known as 'search terms').

The process of optimising a website for search engines has changed a lot recently; no longer can you just fill a page with keywords or pay for other websites to link to yours - Google is wise to every trick in the book and will happily penalise those that try to pull the wool over its eyes - read a high profile example here for Interflora from 2013.

Despite constant changes in the actual nitty gritty, one thing remains certain and that is that SEO is split into two categories:

// On-site factors (technical aspects of your own website).

// Off-site factors - how other websites talk about and link to your website.

How can I help with SEO?

SEO should always start with one thing, a keyword list; what keywords or phrases do you think your customers would search when they should (hopefully) come across your website?

I will help you to compile (or review your existing) keyword list using a number of tools and techniques to understand how many people search for those terms and how competitive the search results already are.

Next comes an SEO audit of your website (if your website is already live) and whether any links already exist from other websites (known as a backlink profile).

An SEO audit results in a report that I will write for you (in plain English) describing your best course of action and any key considerations.


SEO audits are £50 - £100 depending on the size of your website.

SEO implementation and ongoing review work will be a fixed price of £45 per hour.